Nebulizer Models and Replacement Filters

NAME MODEL  #                   FILTER #
Aeroneb Go 7090 No Filter
Aeroneb Go 7091 No Filter
Beagle 18090-BE 18090F
Beagle 18091-BE 18090F
Checker 18040-P 18090F
Checker 18040-Y 18090F
Checker 18041-P 18090F
Checker 18041-Y 18090F
Eagle 4056 18090F
Fish 18090-FS 18090F
Fish 18091-FS 18090F
Hercules Beetle 18016 No Filter
Pacific Elite 18070 18090F
Pacific Elite 18071 18090F
Panda 18090-PB 18090F
Panda 18091-PB 18090F
Penguin 18090-PG 18090F
Penguin 18091-PG 18090F
Power Neb 2 18002 18025F
Power Neb Ultra 18080 18090F
Power Neb Ultra 18081 18090F
Sport Neb 3050-2 3050-2-FILTER
Voyager Pro 18018 No Filter
Fire Truck MQ0911 MQ0054
Airial Voyager MQ5300 MQ0054
Airial Voyager MQ5500 MQ0054
Airial Voyager MQ5501 MQ0054
MEDNEB MQ5600 MQ0054
MEDNEB+ MQ5700 MQ0054
Compartment Style MQ6000 MQ0054
Duck MQ6001 MQ0054
Penguin MQ6002 MQ0054
Panda MQ6003 MQ0054
Panda MQ6004 MQ0054
Panda Pink MQ6005 MQ0054
Penguin MQ6006 MQ0054
Airial Express MQ6008 MQ0054
Townhouse MQ7000 MQ0054
Compact Compressor           MQ5800 MQ0057 *
MQ92692 **
Compact Compressor MQ5900 MQ0057 *
MQ92692 **

Information courtesy of Drive Medical