Cute Kid's Humidifiers: Duck, Elephant or Pig Pediatric Humidifiers by Drive Medical

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  • Pediatric humidifier
  • Kid-friendly duck, pig, or elephant design
  • Quiet operation for 10-12 hours
  • Auto-shutoff feature

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These cute pediatric humidifers come in three designs: "Ellie the Elephant", "Puddles the Pig" or the duck-shaped "Davy the Duck". They will support your child’s respiratory health and make a cute addition to any kid's room. The cool mist produced by this humidifier will help ease the coughing and scratchy throat symptom of colds and other respiratory ailments. It operates quietly for between 10 to 12 hours allowing your child to rest and recover without disturbance. When the reservoir tank is out of water the humidifier’s helpful auto-shutoff feature will turn off the unit for ensured safety.

Detailed description:

Pediatric humidifier with kid-friendly duck, elephant or pig design

Quiet operation for 10-12 hours

Auto-shutoff feature

Model # ON-MQ2400 (Duck), ON-MQ2200 (Elephant), ON-MQ2300 (Pig)

  • Ultrasonic Cool Mist

    Warranty Limited 1 Year

    Moisture Output ~300ml/Hour

    Water Tank Capacity 3.7L (MQ2200), 3.2L (MQ2300, MQ2400)

    Suitable Room Size ~325 sq. ft.

  • The cute design of this humidifier is custom made for pediatric nebulizer users. It also offers quiet and reliable performance. NOTE: The only difference besides the shapes is that the water capacity for the Elephant is a little more - Water Tank Capacity 3.7L (Elephant) - 3.2L (Pig & Duck).

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