Pari Vios® PRO Aerosol Nebulizer Machine with LC Plus or LC Sprint Kits



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  • Made for heavy use patients
  • Clinically proven LC PLUS® and LC® Sprint.
  • Get fast treatment Powerful 1.6 bar compressor

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Trust the power and dependability of a professional-grade nebulizer at home! Physicians and patients who need a high powered reliable and heavy duty compressor turn to the Vios® Pro Aerosol nebulizer system. This system is built for heavy daily use and offers the most powerful aerosol medication delivery of any Pari product. This compressor system uses high pressure air to create a mist or aerosol of medication which travels through tubing into the nebulizer cup. If you need a highly effective nebulizer with reliable daily performance you can count on the Vios® Pro.

Product Details

Crafted for the needs of heavy use patients

Available with both the clinically proven LC PLUS® and LC® Sprint Reusable Nebulizers.

Get fast treatment and long term durability with the powerful 1.6 bar compressor


  • Manufacturer: PARI

    Compressor strengh: 1.6 bar

    Part# 312F35-LCS


    HCPCS #E0570, A7005

  • This nebulizer offers heavy-use patients the power and reliability of a professional quality nebulizer at home. It is produced by Pari, a leading manufacturer of clinical grade nebulizers for professional and home use.

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