About Only Nebulizers

OnlyNebulizers.com was founded to address the needs of patients and individuals with respiratory needs. As a DME provider, we know the difficulties customers have with selecting and purchasing the right product online. Our goal is to create the simplest and safest e-commerce site where we provide detailed information about each product, as well as make checking out ultra-friendly and simple. We have a wide assortment of best-in-class respiratory products at low prices. Know that once you become our customer, you also become our family.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device which is often used to deliver medications for respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, and COPD.

What types of nebulizers are available?

There are many types of nebulizers on the market. They can very greatly in terms of methods of medication delivery, portability, and style. On our site, we offer compression nebulizer systems, ultrasonic nebulizers, and compact and travel nebulizers, as well as pediatric nebulizers, which are designed to appeal to kids.

How do nebulizers work?

Nebulizers use various mechanisms to propel liquid medications to the patient through a nebulizer kit in the form of an aerosol or mist. A few methods nebulizer machines use to do this are through compression of air and through ultrasonic (high-frequency) vibrations.

What is a nebulizer kit?

Nebulizer systems generally require kits with tubing, connectors, and either mouthpieces or masks that deliver the medication to the patient. The kit is attached to the nebulizer and medication is added to a nebulizer cup. The nebulizer is then turned on to produce the vapor the patient will breathe in through their mouthpiece or mask. At Only Nebulizers, we sell a variety of adult nebulizer kits compatible with our nebulizer systems and pediatric nebulizer kits, which are specifically designed for children.

How often do kits need to be replaced?

Disposable nebulizer kits need to be replaced after about every 10 uses. Reusable kits can often be cleaned and only need to be replaced about every six months

Why do I need to replace my nebulizer kits?

It is very important to replace nebulizer kits regularly. Since moisture can accumulate in tubing and other components of a nebulizer kit, bacteria can grow on older kits. Replacing the kits can prevent infection and ensure that kits are safe and healthy to use.

What do your icons mean?

  We use a number of Font-Awesome icons on our site, to give you a glimpse of our products and services. These appear on our Help Me Choose page, in our footer, and elsewhere. Here are a few of them and what they mean to us:

   Home - We sell a great selection of nebulizers and accessories for home use. 

  Travel - For nebulizer users on the go, we also offer compact and travel nebulizers from leading brands.

   Adult - Our nebulizers offer power and performance to adult and senior citizens needing respiratory treatments.

  Children - Parents can browse our collection cute and hard-working pediatric nebulizers.

  Light-use patients hoping to buy nebulizer machines that are both affordable and dependable will be interested in our standard grade nebulizers.

   Professional - For heavy use patients, and those who want to purchase some of the most powerful  nebulizer systems on the market, we also offer a number of professional grade nebulizers from top manufacturers such as DeVilbiss and Pari.

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