3 Fun Nebulizer Mask Designs for Kids

Did you know that animated movies are one of the highest grossing movie genres? Who doesn’t love animated characters who bring families joy and jog the good ol’ imagination? Kids tend to feel very connected with these characters; they see them as friends.

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean your child can’t dress up and feel creative from time to time. And that’s why we offer fun pediatric nebulizer masks in the shape of lovable characters.


This canine is an adorable Dalmatian with a fire-engine red strap. Now your child can enjoy their nebulizer session, Secret Life of Pets style.

Bubbles the Fish

This beautiful fish mask is great for kids who love aquatic adventures. Can you say, Finding Dory?

Nic the Dragon

How cute is this dragon mask? Its bright pink lashes and tusk are enough to get your kid excited about firing up their nebulizer.

This isn’t How to Train Your Dragon, it’s how to train your child to have fun with their nebulizers while getting the treatment they need.