Can I Use Water Instead of Medicine in My Nebulizer?


A saline water solution or purified water can be used in your nebulizer instead of medicine.

If you’re travelling and forgot your medication and you really just need a quick session with your nebulizer, water mist has the healing properties to calm the nasal passage and enter the lungs. It may not be as effective as your medicine but it can give you the relief you’re looking for in the moment.

All sources of water are applicable—tap or bottled—but of course it is recommended that you use purified water; Only the best for those lungs. Knowing this allows you to see just how much utility you can get out of your nebulizer. Its mystifying properties are effective no matter if you’re using water or medicine.  

Just make sure your equipment is clean and free of medicinal residue before you begin. Also, before fastening the mouthpiece, troubleshoot the device to make sure that mist is actually coming out of the nebulizer. That’s the key here.

As a matter of fact, because it is vitally important to make sure the tubes and mouthpieces connected to your nebulizer are 100% clean many users will have one nebulizer kit for medicinal purposes and one for water mist.

Being that nebulizer kits (containing both tubes and mouthpieces) are inexpensive:

Disposable Nebulizer Kits start at only $1.49

Reusable kits up to $24.75

... it is very healthy and smart to have an extra "water only" nebulizer kit

Not sure which one you should get?

Call 877-522-5502 to talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly Nebulizer Tech Support guys to find out your best option: You can also use our chat button (bottom right) to ask your questions. Thank you.


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