Law Allows Kids to Bring Anti-Asthma Nebulizers to Athletic Fields

Many kids need their asthma medication.

Since 2015 in New York State children are now allowed to bring their nebulizer machine for controlling asthma and other breathing problems to sports fields and after school activities. These portable nebulizer machines saves lives. No longer do kids in New york have to wait for an ambulance for potentially life saving administration of asthma and other respiratory medication. Now they can carry it with them via portable and compact nebulizer machines.
A nebulizer machine can be purchased between $30-$300 depending on features and portablility. Many are battery operated and fit in the palm of your hand. That makes a travel nebulizer easy to hold and a must have for children that will, at any moment during the school day or practice field, need a dose of their medication. It is estimated that 7 million children nationwide have asthma, and approximately 5000 (many childern) die annually from asthma.

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