Nebulizers as a Recovery Process When Losing Weight


According to the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, excess fat and weight on the abdomen causes individuals to exhale less after inhaling at full capacity. This results in irregular lung function and possible shortness of breath.

Excess fat within the body, causing abnormal waist circumferences above the 35 to 40-inch range, requires the heart to work harder during exercise. Therefore, someone who is overweight may experience erratic breathing during and after exercise. Poor breathing patterns are exhausting and can deter someone trying to lose weight from consistent workouts. In serious cases—restricting blood from being pumped throughout the body and therefore slowing oxygen flow—the body can completely shut down and require emergency oxygen rescue.

Every exercise program, regardless of one’s weight, requires muscles to recover so that they can be “stressed” or “exercised” again. For individuals who exceed a normal waist circumference, both muscles and breath must normalize in order to maintain a complete exercise program. Using a nebulizer to regulate breathing after workouts is both non-invasive and therapeutic.

After discussing safe exercise plans based on your heart health with your physician, conclude each workout in a session with your nebulizer, allowing your lungs to move back into a normal breathing pattern. Follow this process by hydrating the body and allowing yourself to stabilize so you can continue your day with energy.

Many are insensitive towards breathing problems when it comes to being overweight and working out. Truly, working out will strengthen the heart which will lead to overall ease of exercise in time. However, that doesn’t mean that working towards that point has to be unbearable. Nebulizer sessions as a means to mediate your recovery after exercise can help you stay on top of your goals and keep the wind in your sails.


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