Tips for Buying the Right Nebulizer Kits and Accessories

The type of kit you use with your nebulizer can have a significant impact not only on your budget, but on your quality of treatment. There are many options on the market, including disposable and reusable kits, and a variety of designs for mouthpieces, masks, medication cups, and connectors.

When choosing between a disposable and reusable kit, cost can be a major consideration for many consumers. Although disposable kits can generally be purchased at a much lower initial cost than reusable kits, they will need to be replaced after about every 10 uses, which for some nebulizer users may lead to a larger cost in the long run. By contrast, many reusable nebulizer kits can be cleaned either in a dishwasher, by boiling, or by hand with soap and water. Because of this, the reusable kits can be good for up to six months for overall cost savings.  Be sure to check the cleaning instructions on the reusable nebulizer kit model you are using. 

The design of the nebulizer kit components can also have a notable effect on performance and overall cost. The shape of the connectors and length of the reservoir tube can determine how much medication is delivered to the patient during inhalation and how much is lost. For example, nebulizers with an extended reservoir tube can prevent loss of medication in the air during exhalation. Over time, more efficient use of medication may help the patient save money on prescription refills.

Other factors to consider when buying a kit are the design of the nebulizer machine you are using and the needs of the patient taking the medication. First, make sure the nebulizer kit and accessories you are buying are compatible with the model of nebulizer you are using. If the patient is an infant or child, also be sure to purchase a pediatric kit suited to their age group. If the patient will be lying down or resting at an angle during treatments, there are kits geared toward those purposes. Patients who are unable to hold a standard mouthpiece should have a nebulizer mask to use during treatments.

By choosing the correct nebulizer kit, you can save money, reduce wasted medication, and receive more effective treatments from your nebulizer. A simple choice now can make a big difference in the long run.

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