Top 5 Essential Medical Items Needed for Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory illnesses and other chronic medical conditions can require home medical treatment. In home care and home medical devices are the best ways to keep people out of hospitals and in the comfort of their own home. Not only does this reduce medical expenses but research has also found that medical care at home increases patient wellbeing and recovery.

The following list contains the top 5 essential medical items needed for a respiratory condition.

respiratory system

A Nebulizer

A large majority of respiratory conditions require the regular use of a nebulizer at some point. Nebulizers are relatively small pieces of equipment that deliver either medicine or water in an aerosol form directly into the lungs. Nebulizers atomize the respiratory liquid required ensuring that the medicine is absorbed in the exact location it is needed. This works to open the airways and allows for a larger inspiration or breath. This then eases breathing and is essential for people suffering from respiratory conditions such as COPD, Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis.

Travel Nebulizer

Portable Nebulizer’s are an essential medical item for people needing Nebulized medication. This has appeared on the list twice as they are both equally important. Not only are portable nebulizers compact and lightweight, they are extremely convenient and transportable giving you the freedom to move around live your life free of restrictions.

Travel nebulizers are designed to have the same functionality as regular machines and are a must for people who live an active life and want freedom to move outside of the house.

Home Oxygen

There are various methods and options for home oxygen delivery. The most common devices on the market are Oxygen concentrators and high-pressure Oxygen cylinders, which are available in both portable and stationary units. These are great options for people who require oxygen therapy but do not need hospital admission. Speak to your doctor to determine which method you require.

CPAP and IPAP Machines

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a breathing machine that provides a continuous air pressure direct to your lungs to keep your airways open, allowing you to breathe more easily. This air pressure stops the alveoli (lung sacs) from collapsing which is a common and serious side effect of lung disease. IPAP follows the same principal however the pressure is released intermittently or as needed. This treatment can be used with either a nasal device or facemask and your doctor will determine what is the best method for your condition. These devices are primarily for people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea or other chronic breathing disorders.

Ambulatory Aids

Whilst these are not directly related to a respiratory illness, mobility aids are very useful for people suffering from COPD or other limiting respiratory conditions. Any condition causing you to be short of breath can greatly reduce your stamina and ability to walk long distances. Ambulatory aids like rollator walkers and wheelchairs give people increased independence. There are a large variety of walking aids to choose from depending on your level of mobility.

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