How Portable Nebulizers Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Looking for a travel nebulizer that is affordable, reliable and easy to transport? At Only Nebulizers we have a large selection for you to choose from to suit any lifestyle and budget.

What does a nebulizer do and what are the benefits of traveling with one?

Nebulizers are essential for anyone who requires inhaled respiratory medicine or liquid to reduce the symptoms of their illness and help them breathe. Some people rely on their nebulizers everyday to breath effectively and therefor the thought of leaving home without one can be a daunting experience.


Nebulizers allow liquid respiratory medicine to be inhaled directly into the lungs, opening the airways and increasing lung capacity. This enhances lung volume or the amount of air a person can inhale and in turn, reduces any breathing difficulties. Owning a portable nebulizer allows you to participate in your regular activities of daily living, without having to worry again.


If you suffer from a chronic respiratory condition such as COPD, Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis, for example, you will understand the importance of always having your nebulizer close by. Some of the bigger home nebulizers can restrict your ability to move around and enjoy the freedom of your lifestyle.  Don’t let your medical condition confine you to your home. By investing in a portable travel nebulizer you will never have to worry about leaving the house or missing that family vacation again


Portable nebulizers come in various sizes and are usually extremely lightweight and include all of the same functions of a home machine, just in a more compact size. Most come with convenient portable carry cases and are either battery operated or AC powered. You can also choose between a hand held mouth piece or mask for your preferred delivery method.

For increased convenience and maneuverability, Only Nebulizers stocks a range of portable nebulizers including the DeVilBiss Traveler Portable Nebulizer. These systems offer fast deliver of medication anywhere, have a simple one-touch operating system for ease of use and are compatible with any of the nebulizer kits from all manufacturers. The added advantage of this product is that it is battery operated meaning you can use it in locations without electricity or power sources. The DeVilbiss is an extremely convenient choice for people with active lifestyles.


The Trek S Portable System by Pari – a trusted manufacturer, is known as “the clinical best in aerosol delivery”. This easily transportable system delivers fast and efficient aerosol treatments in the convenience of your location. This is one of the higher tech machines on the market with all of components of a regular nebulizer plus the added benefits of reduced bacterial contamination and Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Both Pari and DeVilbiss have been producing respiratory medical products for years and are just two of our trusted suppliers.

Purchase a travel nebulizer today and live your life unrestricted with the freedom and comfort to go where you like. If you need help deciding on what model is best for you, contact our trusted chat desk agent or browse our catalogue at for a complete range of products to suit your needs.

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